BTP-eC9, 2598965-39-8, NFA

BTP-eC9 is a type of organic semiconductor material used in the fabrication of organic solar cells. It belongs to the family of n-type (electron transport) materials and is known for its high electron mobility and good stability. BTP-eC9 can be used as an electron acceptor material in combination with a suitable electron donor material to form a bulk heterojunction structure, which helps to efficiently convert light into electricity in organic solar cells.


Catalog No.: N5113

CAS No: 2598965-39-8

Molecular formula:C86H94Cl4N8O2S5





1: Single-Junction Organic Photovoltaic Cells with Approaching 18% Efficiency; Adv. Mater. 2020, 32, 1908205; DOI: 10.1002/adma.201908205 ;

Optimizing the molecular structures of organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials is one of the most effective methods to boost power conversion efficiencies (PCEs). For an excellent molecular system with a certain conjugated skeleton, fine tuning the alky chains is of considerable significance to fully explore its photovoltaic potential. In this work, the optimization of alkyl chains is performed on a chlorinated nonfullerene acceptor (NFA) named BTP-4Cl-BO (a Y6 derivative) and very impressive photovoltaic parameters in OPV cells are obtained. To get more ordered intermolecular packing, the n-undecyl is shortened at the edge of BTP-eC11 to n-nonyl and n-heptyl. As a result, the NFAs of BTP-eC9 and BTP-eC7 are synthesized. The BTP-eC7 shows relatively poor solubility and thus limits its application in device fabrication. Fortunately, the BTP-eC9 possesses good solubility and, at the same time, enhanced electron transport property than BTP-eC11. Significantly, due to the simultaneously enhanced short-circuit current density and fill factor, the BTP-eC9-based single-junction OPV cells record a maximum PCE of 17.8% and get a certified value of 17.3%. These results demonstrate that minimizing the alkyl chains to get suitable solubility and enhanced intermolecular packing has a great potential in further improving its photovoltaic performance.



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